BSc/BCA Projects!

Project List

Universal PC Suite

Virtual Mouse

Client-Server Chat System

File Transfer Protocol

Electronic Toll Collection

Stock Tracker

File Compression

Image Steganography

Customer Relationship Management

Extraction, Transformation, Loading

Data Leakage Detection

Electronic Examination System

Car Parking Using RFID

Congestion Detection for Video Traffic

Touch Screen based Dynamic Signature Verification

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Natural Language Processor

Library Management System using RFID

Computer Usage Monitoring System

Patient Monitoring System using RFID

Online Railway Reservation System

Load balancing in Wireless LANS

Analysis of JPEG Steganography

An Efficient Indexing Query Builder

Monitoring of Single-Link Failure Detection

Project List

Vision Processing for Real-time 3-D Data Acquisition

Bug Tracking System

Integration of Sound Signature in Graphical Password Authentication System

Speech Comparison using Neural Networks

Character Recognition System

Voice/Speech based Browser

Human Motion Tracking

Image Retrieval System

Shortest Path Routing in Wireless Networks

Online Examination System

Live Streaming with Receiver-based Peer-division Multiplexing

Publishing Search Logs-A Comparative Study of Privacy Guarantees

Wireless Data Transfer to Mobile

Secure Attendance System

Intrusion Detection System


A Bit Torrent Client

GIS based Routing

Efficient Query Processing in peer-to-peer Networks

Efficient Broadcasting in Mobile and HOC Networks

Blind Wavelet-Based Image Watermarking

IP based Process Monitoring

Network Problem Notification via SMS

Medical Diagnosis System

A Web Search Engine-Based Approach to Measure Similarity Between Words

Securing TCP/IP communication using cryptography

Project List

Load Balancing in Multistage Packet Switches

Location-Based Query Processing

Voice Translation

Intrusion Detection System

Real Time SMS Confidentiality

Speech enabled Desktop Operations

Student Information System using J2ME

JAVA Photo Editor

Customer Relationship Management

Packet Marking: IP Traceback

Data Leakage Detection

Socket based File Transfer

IRIS Recognition

Throughput and Utility Maximization in Wireless Networks

Traceback of DDOS Attack

Dynamic Load Balancing in Distributed Systems

Network Traffic Analyser

E-voting System

Flooding in P2P Networks

Robust Video Data Hiding

GIS Application using Map Server

Image Search Engine

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Multicasting over Mobile Ad HOC Networks

Text to Speech Recognizer

Project List

A Security Architecture Achieving Anonymity and Traceability

Location monitoring System for Wireless Sensor Networks

handwritten Chinese Text Recognition

Packet reordering in transmission control protocol

Virtual Classroom

Intranet Mailing System

Graphical password Authentication

File Compression

Query Processing using Cloud Computing

Bug Tracking for Improving Software Quality and Reliability

Decision Trees for Uncertain Data

An Intelligent Network Backup Tool

Noise Reduction by Image Filtering

Sketch4Match-Content-Based Image Retrieval

Truth Discovery with Multiple Conflicitng Information Providers on the Web

A Puzzle-Based Defence Strategy against Flooding Attacks Using Game Theory

Mobile Messenger for Ad-Hoc Networks

Nymble Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing Networks

Efficient Query Processing in peer-to-peer Networks

Face Recognition

Efficient Routing System

Suspicious E-mail Detection

Peer to Peer Copyright Protection Management

Structure and Texture Filling-In of Missing image Blocks

Digital Watermarking

Online Job Portal

Project List

Two Factor Authentication

Online Examination System

Mobile Commerce

Integrated Resource Management

Social Networking Site

Online Voting System

Recruitment Process System

Truth Discovery with Multiple Conflicitng Information Providers on the Web

Equity Trading Portfolio Management

Online Job Search Portal

Online Ticket Reservation System

Online Bug Tracking

Farmer Help System

Travel & Tourism

Student Information System

Collabarative Inference Detection

Web traffic Analyser


Virtual Classroom

Monitoring DDoS Attack

Airline Ticket Booking System


Greedy Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks

HPC Job Management System

E-school:E-Learning System

Project List

Peer to Peer Copyright Protection Management

Sending Mail using Digital Signature

Hospital Management System

ATM Management System

Vehicle Tracking System

Query Processing using Cloud Computing

Location Based Service

Publishing Search Logs-A comparitive Study of Privacy Guarantees

Credit Card Fraud Detection

Customer Relationship Management

Online Matrimonial Portal

Intranet Mail System

Online Webmart for Jewellery

Construction Management/Tracking System

Crime Record Management

Secure LAN Communicator

Stock Analyser

Online Music Store

online Survey System

Online Book Shop

Preventive & Breakdoen Management System

Human Resource Management

A Web Search Engine-based Approach to measure Semantic Similarity between Words

Furniture Administration

Project List

3D Color histogram Equalization

Text Segmentation for MRC Document Compression

Fast Detection of Mobile Replica Node Attacks In Wireless Sensor Networks

Blood Vessel Segmentation

Crime Investigation

Image to text Converter

Digital Watermarking

Vehicle parking Assisstance System

License Plate Detection

Supervised Learning based Cell Image Segmentation

Emotion Recognition

Face Recognition using HMM

Speech to Text Conversion

Hybrid Channel Allocation

Language Detection

Audio Steganography

Fingerprint Recognition System

Fruit Recognizer

IRIS Detection

Noise Cancellation

Energy Calculation

Jaw Movement Analysis

Speaker Recognition

Secure Data Communication

Road Sign Identification

PWM Switch using Genetic Algorithm

PWM Switch using Neural Networks

Image Retrieval using Colour, Texture and Shape

Biometric Steganography

Spread Spectrum

Project List

Real Time SMS Confidentiality

Group Expense Management System


Teachers Tool

Behaviour Status

Giving a normal life-Autism

Home Work & School Alerts

GPS System

Video Streamer

Improving Performance and Energy Efficiency

Sandbox for Suspicious Software Detection